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Washington Backcountry Trails

Kev on a hill climb

Lower Lena Lake

Fire pit at Lower Lena Lake

Trail to Upper Lena Lake

Lena Lakes

Upper Lena Lake

Definition of terms below
Location: Olympic National Park 
Directions: Head north up US 101, go past Hoodsport and turn left on RD 25 Hamma Hamma River Road and look for the pull off in 10 or so miles.
Difficulty: Moderate 
Elevation +/- 3900 ft elevation gain
Distance: 14+ miles round trip
Rating: 6 out of 10
Fishing: Did not try too much snow
Scenery: Good
Map: Printable Topo Map


Lena Lakes are not my cup of tea, I don't like going places everybody and there cousin go. It is pretty but there are lots of other places just as nice and less populated. In fact just keep on going to the end of the road and hike up to Mildred Lakes instead.

This is a very popular place, don't go here with the idea of hiking alone. Some say there is safety in numbers but dang when it is hard to find a spot to park at the trailhead that is a little much. We opted to do this in winter.

The views are great once you get out of the trees. The fire pit rings at the (lake) kind of gave me a clue as just how many people visit this place.

This is a glimpse of Upper Lena Lake (above). When we were up at Upper Lena Lake there was not another soul around. So once you get to Lower Lena Lake just keep trudging up the hill- to find a little more peace and quiet up here.

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